Andrew Facini is the Belfer Center's Publications and Design Coordinator. He specializes in producing academic works for print and digital publication, designing printed collateral for in-house and outreach communications, and managing the overall brand for the Center.

He earned his bachelor's in international relations from Boston University in 2010. While at BU, he was editorial editor for BU’s independent newspaper, The Daily Free Press, and served as the founding editor-in-chief of BU’s The International Relations Review, an academic publication of news and analysis that has grown to become BU's premier undergraduate journal.

In 2018, Andrew earned his master’s in international relations from Harvard Extension School, where he focused on nuclear weapons policy and nonproliferation issues. His thesis, “Restraint by Design: The Ideological Origins of ‘Minimum Deterrence’ in China’s Nuclear Weapons Program” explores a unique dimension of Mao Zedong's ideology and the long-lasting normative influence those beliefs had on China's future policy choices.

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