Mr. Sung Hyun “Andrew” Kim is a former non-resident Fellow with the Korea Project at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.  Mr. Kim retired in November 2018 as a Senior Intelligence Officer from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after 28 years of service.  His last position was Assistant Director of CIA for the Korea Mission Center.  He established the Korea Mission Center in April 2017 in direct response to a Presidential initiative to defuse North Korea’s longstanding threat to global security.  He also managed and guided CIA analysts who have unique and extensive expertise on Korea to provide strategic and tactical analytic products for a range of policymakers.  He successfully negotiated the foundation for the U.S.-North Korea Summit in Singapore in June 2018 – a diplomatic initiative aimed at resolving seven decades of conflict on the Korean Peninsula.  Mr. Kim also held the Associate Deputy Director of CIA for Operations/Technology position.  In this capacity, he led and orchestrated all efforts to update their operational technology and incorporated state-of-the-art doctrine into CIA training curricula.  Mr. Kim, who served as the Chief of CIA Station in three major East Asian cities, managed the collection, analysis, production, and distribution of information that directly affected national security.  In recognition of his many contributions, CIA honored Mr. Kim with the Director’s Award (2018), Presidential Rank Award (2012), and the Donovan Award (1990).  He speaks fluent Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2022, 3:59pm