Andrew (Dru) Rhodes is an active duty Army lieutenant colonel. Originally from North Carolina, he earned his commission from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2004.

Dru has served in standard leadership and staff positions within both light and mechanized infantry formations. He has completed operational, institutional, and scholastic broadening assignments, as well as multiple joint and multinational assignments at home and abroad. Most recently, Dru commanded the 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment at Fort Carson, Colorado, which forward deployed for nine months across eight European countries. Notably, he served as an exchange officer in the Australian Army for three years, where he coached formation level warfighting staffs. In Washington DC, he served as the Syria desk officer on the Joint Staff’s Strategic Plans and Policy directorate, and he was the speechwriter for the Chief of Staff of the Army. He also commanded a company at Fort Stewart, Georgia, which forward deployed for a year to Kirkuk, Iraq.

Dru holds a Masters in Policy Management from Georgetown University. His undergraduate study included a B.S. in Systems Engineering from West Point.

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