Dr. Abrar Ebel is the Middle East Initiative's inaugural Kuwait Researcher for the Spring 2019 semester, and an Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing at Kuwait University. Her research interests include organizational culture, compensation, entrepreneurship, motivation, health care management, and health care quality. Her current research projects explore the ways in which pay gaps between top management and lower-level employees influence job attitudes, and how compensation and pay fairness perception influence job attitudes and performance. A secondary stream of her research focuses on the impact of organizational culture on job attitudes, job performance, and strategic decision-making in organizations and start-ups. Dr. Ebel's teaching interests and experiences include entrepreneurship, leadership, organization behavior, human resource management, and research methods. She received her Ph.D. in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2016, and she holds an MBA from Kuwait University where she also received her B.A. in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Prior to that, Dr. Ebel worked at the National Bank of Kuwait.  

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