Hollis Taylor is a civilian employee of the United States National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and most recently served as payload engineer for an advanced satellite system designed to bring unique and cutting-edge capabilities to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. Previously, Hollis supported the NRO Systems Engineering Directorate as a Test Director, performing test and evaluation of novel Indications & Warnings, and other space protection capabilities to ensure freedom of action in space. He also led modeling & simulation, Sensor to Shooter, and war-gaming teams to assess mission effectiveness of the end-to-end space and ground capabilities.

Hollis began his career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory, and worked many criminal cases, including support to counter terrorism. Later, he joined the DoD to assess technologies, techniques, and procedures for advancing Personnel Recovery (PR). In this assignment, he led twenty-five cutting-edge projects to advance PR capabilities. For example, he led a multi-agency team that made great advances in emergency Ground To Air Signaling capabilities and he directed a unique multi-media analysis team that provided advanced capabilities to mission partners.

Hollis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering-Chemistry, a Masters of Forensic Sciences, and graduate-level certification in GEOSPATIAL Intelligence. He holds a DAWIA Level III certification in Systems Engineering.

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