Kaho Yu is an Associate at Harvard Kennedy School (Geopolitics of Energy Project) and an assistant lecturer of the Global Studies Program at the CUHK. He specializes in energy geopolitics in Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese energy and climate policy, global energy governance, climate finance, Sino-Russian oil and gas cooperation and Chinese investment in the Middle East. Yu also holds affiliated research positions at the Center for International Energy Security Studies at Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science, European Center for Energy and Resources Security (EUCERS), London Asia Pacific Centre for Social Science at King’s College London and Asian Energy Studies Centre at Hong Kong Baptist University. Dr. Yu completed his Ph.D in King’s College London and his thesis deals with multilateral approaches in Chinese international energy cooperation. Before joining Belfer Center as a postdoctoral fellow, he spent three years working in Beijing, where he researched on Chinese energy security and climate policy. Since 2013, Dr. Yu has been teaching courses on geopolitics of energy at the CUHK. Besides, Dr. Yu provides policy advice and commentary on international energy security issues frequently.

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