Lucy Minicozzi-Wheeland works as a Research Assistant for Paul Kolbe, a Senior Fellow at the Intelligence Project at the Belfer Center.

Lucy is currently earning her master’s degree in Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia at Harvard's Davis Center. She is also an Invited Lecturer at Gori State University, which is located in a small city in Georgia about an hour outside of Tbilisi. It is also just 20 kilometers from Russian-occupied South Ossetia. Lucy will spend the spring and summer semesters living in Gori and teaching an elective course on hybrid warfare.

Lucy primarily studies Ukraine and Georgia, with a focus on Russian warfare against both countries. She has spent years studying Russia’s war in Ukraine, conducting significant graduate research on the subject, and working with NGOs, universities, and media outlets across Ukraine.

Lucy's master's thesis focuses on Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian-Ossetian peace-building dialogues and projects, conflict transformation, Russian warfare, and the human rights of those living in or alongside territory occupied by Russia.

Lucy has spent a combined 19 months living in Ukraine and Georgia so far and has studied Russian for 10 years, Ukrainian for 5 years, and Georgian for around 1 year.

She previously completed a Fulbright Scholarship in Odesa, Ukraine from 2019-2020, a Critical Language Scholarship in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2022, and a Boren Fellowship in Tbilisi, Georgia from 2022-2023. She also interned remotely as a News Reporter at The Kyiv Independent in 2022 and the Council on Foreign Relations in 2020.

Lucy earned her bachelor's degree at Villanova University, where she majored in Global Interdisciplinary Studies: Russian Area Studies and earned two minors in Communication and Ethics.

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