Lieutenant Colonel Marco J. Lyons most recently served as Branch Chief, Globally Integrated Plans – West, War Plans Division, Strategy, Plans, and Policy Directorate, Headquarters, Department of the Army in the Pentagon. Marco is a native of Seattle, Washington and was commissioned into the United States Army in 2001 as an Infantry Second Lieutenant, from Officer Candidate School. Lieutenant Colonel Lyons wrote the U.S. Army Transformation of Land Power in the Indo-Pacific strategy signed by the Secretary and Chief of Staff in May 2020. In 2019 he was lead Defense planner and lead author of a national-level Department of Homeland Security interagency campaign plan and wrote the accompanying strategic vision for the DHS Secretary. As a strategic planner with the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, Marco managed the 2017 Army Science Board study of the Multi-Domain Battle concept and the 2018 Army Science Board study of the Multi-Domain Operations concept.

In 2013 to 2014, Lieutenant Colonel Lyons completed an advanced degree at the Naval Postgraduate School where he wrote on nuclear weapons policy, strategy, and force structure. He has served as a Joint Task Force operations planner in Okinawa and helped initiate military campaign planning for the Horn of Africa. His tactical combat experience included OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM as a Company Commander and as Executive Officer to the Theater Chief of Operations in Afghanistan. As a junior officer, he led a platoon during OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM in Samarra, Saladin Governorate.

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