Dr. Maria Robson-Morrow is the Program Manager at the Intelligence Project. She worked as a global security intelligence analyst at Nexen Energy in Canada and then as an independent security intelligence consultant before returning to academia to study public-private intelligence cooperation. She earned a PhD in Political Science in 2021 from Northeastern University and holds a Master’s in Military and Strategic Studies from the University of Calgary and a BA in International Relations, Economics, and History from the University of Toronto. Maria's research has been published in Intelligence and National Security, Harvard Business Review, and the Journal of Intelligence History. She teaches occasional courses in the Intelligence Analysis graduate program at Johns Hopkins University, including Research Design, Art and Practice of Intelligence, and Intelligence Tradecraft for the Private Sector.

Maria has served on the boards of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies, the North American Society for Intelligence History, and the New England Analysts' Roundtable, and currently serves on the Board and Education Committee for the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals.

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