Dr. Michael Buchdahl Roth is a former Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Belfer Center's Environment and Natural Resources Program and the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program. He previously was a joint Postdoctoral Fellow at the Belfer Center's Project on Managing the Atom and Tel Aviv University’s Department of Public Policy.

Roth’s research is at the intersection of engineering and public policy and focuses on deep-decarbonization of energy systems, nuclear power generation, energy and environmental policy. Specifically, he focuses on energy systems modeling and has published work that: details the economics of preserving existing U.S. nuclear power plants as a carbon abatement strategy, simulates how CO2 and local air pollution taxes could change the U.S. energy system, and carried out a wind turbine feasibility study for Oberlin College. Roth earned his Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, his Masters degrees at Duke University and University of Chicago, and his BA from Oberlin College. His current research is supported by the Zuckerman Institute.

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