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Morena Skalamera completed her Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Trieste. Her Ph.D. dissertation dealt with European-Russian energy cooperation and was funded by the International University Institute for European Studies (IUIES).

She has attended many international conferences on Energy Issues, Russian Politics, and Sino-Russian energy relations, and has presented at such forums as the conference “New Perspectives on Sino-Russian Relations” hosted by the Norwegian Institute of Defense Studies; “Russia, Europe, and Energy” at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York; and an expert workshop on “Sino-Russian Energy Relations: Driving Factors and Key Implications” at Columbia University. In 2014 she presented at China’s International Energy Cooperation Forum as part of the APEC Energy Ministerial Summit in Beijing.

Her articles on topics of importance to the EU-Russia energy relations, Russian energy politics, Sino-Russian energy relations, and, more recently, Central Asian Politics have appeared in scholarly journals such as Energy Research and Social Science, Post-Soviet Affairs, Problems of Post-Communism, Europe-Asia Studies, and Energy Strategy Reviews. Morena has also published more policy-oriented pieces that have been published in journals such as Orbis, Foreign Affairs and Survival. Morena also co-authored two case-studies for the Harvard Business School and has written several book chapters on her areas of inquiry.

Morena is a Visiting Fellow at the Higher School for Economics in Moscow and is concurrently conducting research on Central Asian energy politics and serving as the visiting Director of the Institute of Applied Research at Narxoz University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

While her work specifically focuses on energy relations in Europe, China, and the post-soviet space, her areas of expertise and interest are of broader IPE relevance. These include the links between the domestic and the international levels in policy-making, contemporary state-market relations, and big shifts in global power toward Asia. You can find her complete list of publications here: (hyperlink with access to list of publications).

Expertise: the IPE of Eurasian Gas Trade, State-Market Relations, links between domestic and international levels of policy-making, Russian politics.

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