Mrs. Hicks is an accomplished counterintelligence (CI) professional, currently serving as the Targeting Officer for the Central Region at the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA). In this crucial role, she oversees CI support to a network of over 12,500 defense contractor facilities, ensuring the safety of more than a million cleared personnel. Her adept identification and mitigation of threats posed by foreign intelligence services and hostile entities underscores her profound expertise and commitment to national security.

Before assuming her current role, Mrs. Hicks was a Collection Management Officer at the DCSA Headquarters in Quantico, VA. She was an integral member of various national-level working groups, crafting and executing successful leads for the agency that bolstered regional security efforts. Her ability to develop effective targeting methods and products was a vital asset to intelligence, CI, and law enforcement communities.

Upon exiting the military, Mrs. Hicks brought her unique skills to the National Counterterrorism Center as a Targeting Officer. There, she coordinated the development of all-source targeting intelligence, demonstrating a keen understanding of modern tools, including the strategic use of social media and cyberspace, in combating threats.

Mrs. Hicks’ distinguished military career in the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) served as the bedrock of her expertise in CI and human intelligence (HUMINT). Serving in Germany, Iraq, and Kuwait, she conducted crucial detention facility interrogation operations and managed complex national security investigations. Her collaborative work with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and State Department further exemplifies her ability to operate in high-stakes, cross-agency environments. In Georgia, she adeptly navigated her role as a CI/HUMINT Collections Requirements Manager, crafting intelligence collection requirements and support briefs that were published by the Army G2 and CENTCOM.

Mrs. Hicks’ academic foundation complements her practical experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in International Relations, a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, and an Associate of Science degree in Intelligence Operations. This eclectic educational background, combined with her extensive professional experiences, positions Mrs. Hicks as an insightful, adaptable, and effective leader in the realm of national security.

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