Salina Abraham was a Masters candidate in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and a Belfer Young Leaders Student Fellow. Over the past five years, Salina has been an advocate for holistic approaches to environmental challenges and community-centered programs for climate solutions. Through working with the Global Landscapes Forum, World Bank, and youth organizations, Salina developed several initiatives with stakeholders ranging from the World Economic Forum to local activists. Salina has also served as co-coordinator of the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, a capacity development program for young people across agriculture, agroecology, and the forestry sector.  As a young Eritrean-American, Salina’s passion for green development in Africa has led her to launch programs in Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa, as well as her home country Eritrea, where her research examined the role of tri-sectoral partnerships between corporations, government, and local communities in restoring land and securing rural women’s livelihoods. Salina holds a B.S. in Economics and Environmental Science, Honors from the University of Washington.

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