Dr. So Jin Lee is a Stanton Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow. She was formerly a Grand Strategy, Security, and Statecraft Postdoctoral Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's International Security Program and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Security Studies Program. Her research focuses on questions related to economic statecraft, nuclear weapons, and interstate conflict with a regional focus on East Asia.

She was previously a Hans J. Morgenthau Predoctoral Fellow at the University of Notre Dame's International Security Center, America in the World Consortium Predoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University-School of Advanced International Studies' Kissinger Center for Global Affairs, and American Grand Strategy Fellow at Duke University. She holds a B.A. in Politics from Mount Holyoke College, M.A. in Asian Studies from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University.

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