Ms Susan Davenport is an NRO Cadre member, currently serving as the Director, Research Ground Group, Advanced Systems & Technology Directorate, National Reconnaissance Office. In this role Ms Davenport is responsible for leading NRO’s front-running research to advance satellite ground systems, employing Artificial Intelligence techniques and other cutting edge capabilities to advance intelligence dominance.

Ms Davenport joined the NRO Cadre in 2015 after a successful 24 year military career. While in the military Ms Davenport served in a variety of positions in the areas of Counter Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, SIGINT Resource Management, Communications, Acquisitions, Program Management, Cyber Defense and Space, primarily supporting the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. 

Ms Davenport holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Information Systems, a Graduate Certificate in Technology Management and a Master of Science Degree in Telecommunications.  She holds several technology certifications and memberships as well as a DAWIA PM Level III.

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