Violette Khairallah is an entrepreneur, social activist and a former prominent
journalist and political anchor host in the Middle East. She is also a former
Minister of Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth in Lebanon. During
her tenure as a Minister, she promoted landmark legislation on women’s rights in
the work environment as well as promoting youth empowerment via
entrepreneurial programs and employment initiatives, in cooperation with the
European Union and the United Nations and the World Bank.

As a women and youth advocate, Violette founded and is the President of “Indeed
Better Together”. This is a non-governmental organisation which serves women
and youth empowerment. Violette is working on economic empowerment for
women through programs that focus on advocacy and education as well as the
reduction of gender inequality and better employment opportunities.

In line with this, she is currently investing in start-ups to encourage young
entrepreneurs who want to flourish with their business ideas. With the current
economic volatility in Lebanon, this serves as a lifeline to many families and is
Violette’s strategy to build upon economic empowerment in a region that is
damaged by inequality.

Violette is the Vice President of the Autism Awareness Association.
She is also a member of the International Council at the Belfer Center for Science
and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government; a member of the
Board of Trustees at Notre Dame University-Louaize in Lebanon and a former
member of the Women Leadership board at Kennedy School of Government and
the National Commission for Lebanese Women.

Violette holds an MA in International Affairs from King’s College, London, and
an undergraduate degree in International Business Management from Notre
Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon.

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