Agents of Change: Driving a More Diverse and Capable Intelligence Community

Why is diversity a national security issue?

What is it like being an American intelligence officer from a historically underrepresented background?

How does a large bureaucratic organization implement a diversity and inclusion strategy?

Is culture change in the Intelligence Community possible?

To explore these questions -- and more -- please join us for Agents of Change: Driving a More Diverse and Capable Intelligence Community , a two day conference co-hosted by the Intelligence and Cyber Projects at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. 

Working from the premise that a diverse intelligence community is essential to national security, we aim to bring current and former intelligence practitioners together with students, faculty, and experts from across organizations to create greater understanding and awareness of opportunities and challenges which exist in the intelligence field for members of historically underrepresented groups.

This two-day conference will explore the state of diversity & inclusion in the Intelligence Community (IC):

  • Examining the historical record and highlighting the experiences of historically underrepresented groups in the IC;
  • Comparing strategies and identifying areas of improvement for recruiting, retaining, and developing a diverse workforce;
  • Considering paths to improving diversity of thought and experience in the IC and how academia and the private sector may play a facilitating role;
  • Re-examining what networking, mentorship, and leadership development means within organizations
  • Highlighting the opportunities and need in the IC for women and minorities.

In doing so, we hope to stimulate important dialogue, spark creative new solutions, and inspire a diverse new generation to consider service in the intelligence community.

This conference is virtual, open to the public, and free to attend.  Advanced registration is required. 



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