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American Energy Society Names Meghan O’Sullivan 2017 “Energy Writer of the Year”

| Nov. 13, 2017

The American Energy Society has named the Belfer Center's Meghan O’Sullivan the 2017 “Energy Writer of the Year.” O’Sullivan, the Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School and Director of the Belfer Center's Geopolitics of Energy Project, received the prestigious award for her recently published book Windfall: How the New Energy Abundance Upends Global Politics and Strengthens America’s Power and for her New York Times commentary “How Trump Can Harness the U.S. Energy Boom.”

The award was announced by AES President Eric Vettel during a Society conference in Houston on Monday, November 13.

In his announcement of the award, Vettel said, “The topic of energy in 2017 captured the attention of many talented writers – the AES editorial board had to consider a number of worthy candidates for this prestigious award. But what sets Dr. O’Sullivan’s work apart and makes her the clear choice for ‘Energy Writer of the Year, 2017’ is the breadth and depth of her treatment of a complex issue. Readers of Windfall will engage with history and economics, confront the tangle of geopolitics, and explore controversial policy decisions.”

“Dr. O’Sullivan’s writing,” Vettel said, “is engaging, fast-paced, and covers every conceivable aspect of the oil and gas sector with penetrating insights. In 2017, Dr. O’Sullivan made the most significant contribution to the field, and in the process improved the energy literacy of the general public. For these reasons, Dr. O'Sullivan is this year's Energy Writer of the Year."

The American Energy Society (AES) is a non-partisan, independent network of nearly 500,000 professionals from every energy sector. AES publications include Energy Today and Energy Matters, newsfeeds, updates on groundbreaking discoveries, and notifications about upcoming conferences, funding and awards, job openings, and more.


For information about the award, contact Eric Vettel,; 650-796-1947. For interviews with Meghan O’Sullivan, contact Sharon Wilke,; 617-495-9858

Credentialed media can contact AES for a review copy of Windfall.

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