Report - American Nuclear Policy Initiative

Blundering Toward Nuclear Chaos

| May 2020

The Trump Administration After 3 Years

Edited by former Project on Managing the Atom (MTA) Associate Jon Wolfsthal and featuring papers authored by Wolfsthal and MTA Associate Nickolas Roth, this report from the American Nuclear Policy Initiative details the Trump administration's first three years of efforts on nuclear proliferation, strategic stability, nuclear modernization, Iran, and North Korea. The authors provide an objective summary of nuclear policy under the current administration and its record on protecting the United States and its allies against perhaps the greatest national security danger facing humanity.

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For Academic Citation: Wolfsthal, Jon, Kingston Reif, Richard Nephew, Kelsey Davenport, Alexandra Bell, Nickolas Roth and Sharon Squassoni. “Blundering Toward Nuclear Chaos.” Edited by Jon Wolfsthal. American Nuclear Policy Initiative, May 2020.

The Authors