Policy Brief

Boston Tech Hub Faculty Working Group Brief: Solar Geoengineering

| Oct. 16, 2018

Fall 2018 Session 2

The Boston Tech Hub Faculty Working Group, hosted by former Secretary of Defense and Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center Director Ash Carter and Harvard SEAS Dean Frank Doyle, convened its second fall session on the topic of solar geoengineering and the question of whether serious research efforts in this field should be undertaken around the world. This session discussed current knowledge about solar geoengineering and explored how a more vigorous research effort might reduce uncertainties. 

This pre-session briefing document provides background information on the subject; identifies current controversies, debates, and/or outstanding questions about the subject; poses discussion questions; and recommends relevant readings.

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For Academic Citation: Keith, David. “Boston Tech Hub Faculty Working Group Brief: Solar Geoengineering.” Policy Brief, October 16, 2018.