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Building Bridges: An Interdisciplinary Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

February 14, 2017

Multimedia recordings of sessions of the Building Bridges joint study group on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, led by Lara Jirmanus, MD, MPH, and sponsored by the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University and the Middle East Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School.


The Syrian refugee crisis has been described as the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. With half of the Syrian population displaced, including over 500,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria, an interdisciplinary approach is urgently needed to address their complex needs. Many of the host countries neighboring Syria struggle to serve their own populations, and new strategies are essential to support institutions in host communities to cope with the Syrian crisis and facilitate co-existence. As the Syrian conflict continues and refugees emigrate to Europe, innovative approaches are needed to maintain the long-term political, economic and social capabilities of Syrian refugees and to promote the political stability of Syria and the surrounding region.

The Seminar Series on the Syrian refugee crisis will gather scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders from across the Harvard and Boston communities engaged in research on Syrian refugees to discuss challenges and innovative solutions to promote refugee well-being. Bringing together academics from fields ranging from international law to education and public health, the seminar will foster collaboration and a global understanding of the complexity of the crisis.

Session 4, 11/03

Refugee Crisis in Greece: Child protection Challenges in Lesvos
Vasileia Digidiki, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

Session 5, 11/10

The Syrian Humanitarian Health Response: Challenges and Opportunities
Fouad Fouad, MD, Assistant Research Professor, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon


War, Disasters and Data
Jesse Berns, PhD, MPH, NREMT-CCP, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Dharma

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