Conversations in Diplomacy: Ambassador Cameron Munter

  • Charles Hobbs
| Feb. 25, 2012 Series: Conversations in Diplomacy


Ambassador Cameron Munter, the United States Ambassador to Pakistan, has a positive outlook on the future of the US-Pakistan relationship. “I’m optimistic,” he explained in a February 2012 interview with the Future of Diplomacy Project, “because we have strong institutional ties, military intelligence [ties], and civilian ties. And,” he affirmed, “there’s a desire on both sides to fix things up.”

According to Ambassador Munter, part of the problem for both America and Pakistan has been that neither side has been willing to deal in a consistent fashion with the other. “Economic aid doesn’t buy love. Economic aid doesn’t buy rapid change in behavior,” he cautioned.

Cameron Munter is an American diplomat and career foreign service officer. He previously served as the United States Ambassador to Serbia, and has worked as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in the Czech Republic, Iraq, and Poland. Before these assignments, Munter was he Director for Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe at the National Security Council and held a position as Executive Assistant to the Counselor of the Department of State.

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