Conversations in Diplomacy: Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger

Nov. 20, 2012 Series: Conversations in Diplomacy

Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, former German Ambassador to the United States (2001-2006) and to the Court of Saint James (2006-2008), joins Future of Diplomacy Project Executive Director Cathryn Cluver in this installment of "Conversations in Diplomacy." Drawing on his unique persepctive gleaned from decades of public service, Ambassador Ischinger shares his unique perspective on a range of topics, including on the role of leadership in resolving the Eurodebt crisis, the economic prospects for Eurozone members, and the importance of transatlantic partnerships in guiding both the Eurozone and the United States out of economic crisis.



Conversations in Diplomacy is the Future of Diplomacy Project's Podcast Series. The podcasts bring together policymakers, academics, and professionals from around the world of international relations for candid discussions of pressing topics in world affairs.

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