Conversations in Diplomacy: Daniel Russel

May 12, 2014 Series: Conversations in Diplomacy

In this interview with Daniel Russel, FDP examines the complex relationship between the United States and China, as well as the importance of Japan in the Asia-Pacific region. Russel points out that it is “necessary to recognize that there are elements of cooperation and competition between the U.S. and China”, and further that these areas of cooperation must be “genuinely important”. This has proved to be true thus far in the Obama administration, as cooperation has focused on mutual interests such as climate change and North Korea. Ultimately, Russel believes that it is possible for China to “emerge as a stronger nation with the wherewithal to conserve its sovereignty without major detriment to U.S. interests”. Lastly, the Assistant Secretary of State outlines the importance of Japan as the cornerstone of American security policy in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Prior to his appointment as Assistant Secretary, Russel was Special Assistant to the President and National Security Staff Senior Director for Asian Affairs. While working at the White House, he was a major figure in the Obama administration's "pivot towards Asia" strategy.

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