Conversations in Diplomacy: Douglas Alexander

Mar. 29, 2013 Series: Conversations in Diplomacy

In this installment of "Conversations in Diplomacy"--the Future of Diplomacy Project's podcast series--Professor Nicholas Burns is joined by Douglas Alexander, UK Shadow Foreign Secretary and Labour MP. Alexander, who was a Spring 2013 Fisher Family Fellow with the Future of Diplomacy Project, discusses Britain's role in the European Union and his views on the importance of continued British engagement with the continent as one of the cornerstones of a strong UK foreign policy agenda.

Douglas Alexander is a British Labour Party politician. Under Prime Minister Tony Blair, Alexander served as the Secretary of State for Scotland and the Secretary of State for Transport. When Gordon Brown replaced Blair as Prime Minister in 2007, Alexander became the Secretary of State for International Development. Following the election of Ed Miliband as Labour Party Leader, Alexander assumed the position of Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. He is currently the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Listen to the interview:

Conversations in Diplomacy is the Future of Diplomacy Project's Podcast Series. The podcasts bring together policymakers, academics, and professionals from around the world of international relations for candid discussions of pressing topics in world affairs.

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