Conversations in Diplomacy: Kenichiro Sasae

Mar. 17, 2014 Series: Conversations in Diplomacy

In this installment of "Conversations in Diplomacy" - the Future of Diplomacy Project's podcast series - Professor Nicholas Burns is joined by Kenichiro Sasae, the Ambassador of Japan to the United States.

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae was appointed the Ambassador of Japan to the United States in November 2012. Before coming to Washington, he served as Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, the highest civil service position in the Japanese Foreign Ministry. He studied at Swarthmore College and in 1984 his first foreign assignment was as First Secretary at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C. Among other accomplishments, Ambassador Sasae served as Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister of Japan, Director-General of the Economic Affairs Bureau, Director-General of the Asian & Oceania Affairs Bureau and Chief Japanese Negotiator to the Six-Party Talks on North Korea.

Conversations in Diplomacy is the Future of Diplomacy Project's Podcast Series. The podcasts bring together policymakers, academics, and professionals from around the world of international relations for candid discussions of pressing topics in world affairs.

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