Douglas Alexander Discusses the Future of European Security

| Sep. 27, 2016

In a discussion moderated by Future of Diplomacy Project (FDP) Executive Director Cathryn Cluver, Douglas Alexander, FDP Senior Fellow and former UK Shadow Foreign Minister, offered his views on European security and cohesion following the June 23rd vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Discussing the  refugee crisis in Europe, Alexander noted that unequal development had driven instability and displacement, despite a general increase in peace and stability globally. He expressed cautious optimism about the pledges that resulted from the US-led Leader’s Summit on refugees, affirming that while it was a step in the right direction, “it’s much easier for leaders to write checks than to cash them.” In his reflections on the Brexit vote,  he suggested the "Remain" campaign had been unsuccessful because it had ultimately failed to capture the emotion of the British public. As Mr. Alexander put it, “Unfortunately, if you offer rationality and pragmatism against change and emotion, you tend to lose."

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