Europe and the Developing World

| Jan. 21, 2019

IGA 662 | Spring Semester 2019
Dr Catherine Gegout, Pierre Keller Visiting Professor, Associate Professor in International Relations, University of Nottingham

In the turbulent times of difficult EU-US relations, Brexit, and rising nationalism in Europe, this course analyses the impressive extent of EU presence in the developing world. It first introduces theories, concepts and decision-making processes related to EU foreign policy (by both Member States and EU institutions). In particular, we analyse the processes within the European Communities, and the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policies) / CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policies) frameworks. The course then critically assesses security and economic policies towards the developing world. Themes to explain the nature of contemporary EU foreign policies include: European integration (intergovernmentalism and supranationalism, neoliberalism and ethical foreign policy), diplomacy, post-colonialism, military and civilian means for conflict-management, and also policies on migration, asylum and human trafficking. We focus on current policies towards unstable areas in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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