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How to Build Electoral Hegemony: Shifting Strategies in the Targeting of Turkey's Transport Infrastructure Investment

  • Davide Luca
| April 1, 2017


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Does the use of public infrastructure to punish and reward constituencies change along with increases in the electoral success of incumbents? The paper develops a conceptual framework showing how stronger governments aspiring to electoral hegemony may intentionally decide to reduce and redress the territorial targeting of public goods as a political strategy. We then test such idea on the case of Turkey, where the incumbent AK Party has remained a dominant force since its first 2002 electoral victory. The analysis employs a multimethod research strategy combining public transport investment data for 2004-2012 with fieldwork involving in-depth interviews of bureaucrats in charge of investment management. The results, which are robust against different specifications, show how the increase in power of an incumbent government have led to a shift in the strategic allocation of transport investment from a strategy aimed at winning a core coalition to one focused on hegemony building. We explain such result as a government’s strategic move to ‘fill two needs with one deed’ by: (1) broadening the incumbents’ populist appeal by developing their ‘state party’ image and displaying their grand vision of ‘New Turkey’; (2) and, yet, co-opting a politically supportive elite of entrepreneurs and cronies, who benefit from the preferential award of public procurement, independently of the location of infrastructure projects.

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For Academic Citation: Luca, Davide. “How to Build Electoral Hegemony: Shifting Strategies in the Targeting of Turkey's Transport Infrastructure Investment.” Paper, Middle East Initiative, April 1, 2017.

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Davide Luca