Inside the Middle East: Q&A with Philippe Fargues

April 10, 2015 Series: Inside the Middle East

In this installment of “Inside the Middle East: Q&A,” recorded on April 1, 2015, Dr. Philippe Fargues, Director of the Migration Policy Centre, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies European University Institute (EUI), discusses the humanitarian crisis of migrants from North Africa, the Levant, and the Sahel, crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe on boats. Dr. Fargues explained the forces causing the crisis and assessed the humanitarian response from European officials and citizens.

Listen to the interview with Dr. Fargues, conducted by Jennifer Quigley-Jones, Associate Editor for the Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy and Master's Candidate at the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies, here:

For more about Philippe Fargues, click here.

For the complete podcast of Dr. Fargues' talk at MEI, "Organized Chaos: How the Mediterranean Sea has Become the World’s Most Lethal Migratory Route", click here.

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