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Juliette Kayyem on Office Hours Podcast

| Dec. 10, 2015 Series: Office Hours

Juliette Kayyem has spent over 15 years managing complex policy initiatives and organizing government responses to major crises in both state and federal government. She is the founder of Kayyem Solutions, LLC, providing strategic advice in technology, risk management, mega-event planning and cybersecurity. Clients comprise a range of companies including Airbnb, Rave Mobile Safety, and the International Centre for Sport Security.

Juliette is currently the Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard Kennedy School and an on-air security analyst for CNN. She also hosts a regular podcast entitled The SCIF for WGBH, Boston’s local NPR station, and her newest book, Security Mom: An Unclassified Guide to Protecting Our Homeland and Your Home, was published in 2016.

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