Mubarak trial: politics or justice?

| Aug. 17, 2011

Executive Director Ashraf Hegazy participates in a live debate on France24 to discuss Hosni Mubarak's trial and its significance on Egypt's political future.

Few can envy the job of Egyptian judge Ahmed Rafat. It is up to him to decide whether Hosni Mubarak, the man who ruled for thirty years, goes to the gallows or not, over the deaths of hundreds of protesters in this year's revolution. The trial has been adjourned, once again to September the 5th. Laura Baines and her panel discuss the significance of the trial for Egypt's political future.


Heba Fatma Morayef Researcher, Human Rights Watch in Cairo

Myra Mahdy Daridan Egyptian author Christopher DICKEY, Newsweek Magazine's Paris Bureau Chief

Ashraf Hegazy Executive director of the Dubai Initiative at the Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Amr Shalakany Professor of Law, American University of Cairo and Cairo University

Click here to watch the debate.

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