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Nick Burns on Tariffs, Netanyahu, Europe, Syria

| Mar. 05, 2018

The Academy Awards ceremony gave many of us a respite from the news. But news was still being made outside of Hollywood – much of it on the opposite coast, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The White House is sending mixed signals on how firm the president is on imposing stiff steel and aluminum tariffs. U.S. trading partners as well as a number of American manufacturers are raising strong concerns about the tariffs, some even warning of a trade war.

And the White House has a high-profile visitor today: Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli prime minister leaves behind serious troubles at home for a meeting with President Trump and to speak at the annual policy conference of AIPAC, America’s pro-Israel lobby.

Elsewhere in the world, Italy’s election returns show the nation is embracing anti-E-U, anti-establishment movements. And in Syria, the government finally allows some humanitarian aid to reach a besieged area near Damascus – but not medical supplies.

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