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Nuclear Terrorism: Renewed Thinking for a Changing Landscape

| Feb. 24, 2017

On February 13th, Project on Managing the Atom Senior Associate Olli Heinonen spoke at a briefing at the U.N. Security Council Open Debate. His presentation, titled "Nuclear Terrorism: Renewed Thinking for a Changing Landscape," outlined current nuclear terrorism risks, emphasized the need for cooperation in response to accidents to mitigate risks, and suggested strategies for how states can better combat nuclear terrorism. The presentation also highlighted the IAEA's critical role in strengthening global nuclear security norms.  

He concluded by arguing, "the IAEA and other international organizations need adequate funding. To this end, the support of the United Nations Security Council is indispensable. The Security Council has a critical role to play in highlighting vulnerabilities, identifying capacity gaps, and recommending how best to support UN member states." 

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