Podcast: Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy Amidst Regional Instability with Prince Turki Al Faisal

  • Prince Turki Al Faisal
| November 18, 2014

An audio recording from His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al Faisal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States (2005-2007) and former Director General of Saudi Arabia's General Intelligence Directorate (1977-2001).

On November 18, 2014 Prince Turki spoke on regional instability and forces at work in the region, including power politics, energy markets, violent extremism, and theological divides, in a public address moderated by Kennedy School professor Nicholas Burns. He examined the roots of conflicts across the region, including weak states and opportunisitic sectarian groups, and spoke to the origins, aims, and possible allure of ISIS or "Faesh" - a name he used for the group stemming from the group's Arabic moniker "Daesh". He also gave his thoughts on Iranian involvement in the region and US-Iran nuclear negotiations.

In response to questions from Washington Post correspondent David Ignatius and Professor Nicholas Burns, included in the playlist below, the Prince expressed his vision for a cohesive US, regional, and global strategy on Syria and Iraq. He also addressed a question from Kennedy School Professor David Gergen on nuclear negotiations with Iran, laying out his hope for a "nuclear free Middle East" and the dangers of a bilateral nuclear deal with Iran.

Listen to the full recording of the November 18, 2014 event here:

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About HRH Prince Turki Al Faisal:

Prince Turki was Director General of the General Intelligence Directorate (GID), Saudi Arabia's main foreign intelligence service, from 1977 until 2001.  In 2002 he was appointed as the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, a position he served until 2005, when he was appointed as Ambassador to the United States. He retired in February 2007.

A Founder and Trustee of the King Faisal Foundation, Prince Turki is also the Chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies.  In addition, he is a Trustee of the Oxford Islamic Center at The University of Oxford and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) at Georgetown University, as well as being a Commissioner at the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament. Prince Turki received an honorary PhD in Law from the University of Ulster in 2010 and has been a visiting Distinguished Professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.

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