Podcast: "U.S. Policy in the Middle East After the Iran Deal" with Brian Katulis

December 14, 2015

An audio recording of a public talk by Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, Washington, DC.

On October 27, 2015, Brian Katulis joined Prof. Stephen Walt for a talk sponsored by the Middle East Initiative, the Iran Project, and the Center for European Studies Eastern Mediterranean and Europe Study Group. Dr. Katulis spoke on the Obama administration's continued challenges in defining America's overall strategy in the Middle East in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal. During the session, he discussed key questions in U.S. Middle East policy, including: at a time of continued tensions between leading regional powers including Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, how should the United States reposition itself in the region? What do the latest actions by Russia in Syria mean for these regional dynamics and the campaign to counter ISIS?

Listen to the full recording of Dr. Katulis' October 27, 2015 talk below:


For more about Brian Katulis and the event, click here.

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