Samar Yazbek, "A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution"

Oct. 12, 2012

An audio recording of Samar Yazbek's book talk on September 21 at Harvard Kennedy School. 


Samar Yazbek is a Syrian writer and journalist. She was born in Jablé in 1970, and studied Arabic literature. She has written in a wide variety of genres - novels, short stories, film scripts, television dramas, film and TV criticism. Yazbek witnessed in person and actively participated in the first four months of the Syrian intifada. Throughout she kept a diary of personal reflections. Her outspoken views published in print, online, and on Facebook quickly attracted the attention and fury of the regime, as vicious rumors spread about her disloyalty to the homeland and the Alawite community from which she comes. Woman in the Crossfire weaves together her struggle to protect herself and her young daughter after she is forced to leave her home and live on the run, detained multiple times, and eventually flees to Europe. 

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For Academic Citation:Samar Yazbek, "A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution".” News, , October 12, 2012.