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Sean M. Lynn-Jones Announces His Retirement as Editor of the International Security Journal

| Aug. 08, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that after thirty-one years as a member of the International Security editorial team, I have decided to step down as editor of the journal at the end of 2018 and to retire from Harvard then.

For many years, my wife and I have been preparing and planning to retire at this stage of our lives. The two of us look forward to taking extended vacations and pursuing other interests. I plan to continue my involvement in local politics and government in Brookline, Massachusetts. I expect to undertake some academic and nonacademic writing projects. I also look forward to having more time for reading something other than International Security manuscripts!

I have had the privilege of doing a job that I love for a long time. I take considerable satisfaction in the journal’s standing in the field of international security studies and the many outstanding, influential, and award-winning articles it has published during my tenure. I am particularly proud of the journal’s record in the annual Impact Factor rankings of journals of international relations. Since 1996, International Security has ranked first ten times, second six times, and always has been in the top five.

I have been fortunate to have had Steve Miller and Diane McCree, and Owen Coté as editorial colleagues for many years. Steve’s decades-long dedication to the journal knows no bounds. Diane’s editorial talents are second to none. She improves the clarity and organization of every article in International Security, garnering much praise from authors and giving the journal a huge advantage over other publications. Owen contributes extraordinarily insightful evaluations of manuscripts. With Steve Miller as editor-in-chief, Diane McCree as managing editor, and Owen as a co-editor, I am confident that International Security will continue to flourish.

Being able to participate in the intellectual life of the Belfer Center—one of the world’s most vibrant research centers—has made my editorial experience at the journal even more gratifying. I thank Joe Nye, Ash Carter, and Graham Allison—the directors of the Center while I have been in residence—for making the Center such a stimulating and congenial place to work.

I also thank the many authors who have contributed their articles to International Security during my editorial tenure. Although my colleagues and I have worked hard to improve every submitted manuscript, the authors deserve the credit for their research and their willingness to revise manuscripts in response to our editorial comments and suggestions. It has been a pleasure to work with so many scholars at various stages of their careers.

International Security will be searching for an editor who can take over the day-to-day editorial management of the journal and the Belfer Center Studies in International Security book series. If you know of suitable candidates for the position, please contact Steve Miller at or 617-495-1411.

Sincerely yours,

Sean M. Lynn-Jones
International Security

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