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This Week in COVID-19 and Economic Diplomacy: ‘Slowing Eurozone Recovery’

| Sep. 10, 2020

Our weekly COVID-19 and Economic Diplomacy tracker looks at policies that impact the coordination of international governments and central banks, ongoing commentary and analysis, and asks what these turbulent times mean for economic diplomacy. 

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The Highlights

  • U.S. unemployment fell to 8.4% but only 1.4 million jobs were added. Of the 22 million jobs lost in the early stages of the pandemic, less than half have been recovered.
  • German exports increased 4.7% month-on-month while French exports rose 9.6% signaling the eurozone is heading for recovery. However, experts warn that the recovery is beginning to slow. 
  • China rolled out a new economic initiative, dual circulation, which focuses on domestic demand and innovation to offset reliance on foreign markets and investors. South Africa’s GDP fell 16.4% as major emerging economies struggle to respond to the pandemic given their few policy options. 

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