Report Chapter - World Nuclear Industry Status Report

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2021

| September 2021

Mariana Budjeryn and Ali Ahmad both contributed to the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2021.

"Chernobyl: 35 Years After the Disaster Began" (pg. 208)

After 35 years, the story of the Chernobyl disaster is far from over, Mariana Budjeryn writes. She provides an overview of remaining on-site challenges, including the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste and the long-term social, health, and environmental effects of Chernobyl.

"Nuclear Power and Climate Change Resilience" (pg. 308)

Ali Ahmad and Thibault Laconde look at nuclear power and climate change resilience. Using France as a case study, he shows that the vulnerability of nuclear power plant operations to climate change and extreme weather conditions represents an increasingly serious challenge.  


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