The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and the Harvard
University Center for the Environment is proud to host a Director's Lunch
on "Arctic Natural Gas" with Hon. Brendan Bell, Minister of Industry,
Tourism and Investment, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Hon. Brendan Bell is Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment of the
Northwest Territories, Canada. Minister Bell will be arriving from a
meeting of the Canadian energy ministers and will argue that Arctic natural gas development is on the verge of being realized. The development of Arctic gas fields and the pipelines to bring this gas to southern markets will ensure North America of an abundant and relatively clean source of energy for years to come. To be sure, there are still challenges to be met in bringing this gas to market, but these challenges are by far outweighed by the energy challenges facing North America over the next decades.

Minister Bell will look at the development of Arctic natural gas resources
in relation to three major energy challenges facing North America: energy and the economy, energy security, and energy's impact on the environment. These topics are front and center for all North American stakeholders, be they consumers, producers, NGO's, and Governments. There is no magic policy bullet that can solve all of these challenges at once, and indeed, many solutions for one challenge only exacerbate the challenges of another. The development of Arctic natural gas also will not provide the magic bullet to these challenges, but rather, Arctic gas will play a very significant lead role in helping to address the continental energy challenges with the least disruption and the maximum benefit. It will be incumbent upon all governments and energy stakeholders in both Canada and the United States to act in a coordinated manner to develop our Arctic resources for the overall good of the continent

Minister Bell was first elected to the 14th Legislative Assembly of the
Northwest Territories on December 6th, 1999 and was acclaimed to the 15th Legislative Assembly on November 24, 2003. He was elected by Members to the Executive Council and appointed Minister of Justice and Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, which includes responsibility for energy, mines, tourism and support to NWT businesses. Minister Bell is also Chair of the Pipeline Planning Committee

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