The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs is proud to host a Director's Seminar entitled, "Arresting Nuclear Proliferation in Theory and Practice," with Ariel Levite. Dr. Levite has served as the Principal Deputy Director General (Policy) of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) since September 1, 2002. Dr. Levite has extensive experience dealing with issues of nuclear proliferation as both a scholar and practitioner. Prior to his current position, Dr. Levite was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) from 2000-2002, where he also served as co-leader of the CISAC Discriminate Force project. His previous jobs include Deputy National Security Advisor (Defense Policy) and Head of the Bureau of International Security at the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Prior to joining the Israeli government service, Dr. Levite had worked for 5 years as a Senior Research Associate and Head of the Project on Israeli Security at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel-Aviv University, and taught courses at Tel-Aviv and Cornell Universities, as well as the University of California at Davis. Dr. Levite served in the Israeli military for 6 years, rising to the rank of Captain, subsequently being promoted to Major in the I.D.F. reserves.