As part of the Elbe Group Initiative at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, on October 23rd 2019 members of the Center's Intelligence and Cyber Projects met with representatives from Russia to identify and discuss mechanisms to avoid the worst potential consequences of offensive cyber activity -- strategic de-stabilization of global financial systems, actions that lead to kinetic escalation, disruptions of nuclear command and control systems, and threats to critical infrastructure.

In this seminar, Intelligence Project Director Paul Kolbe, Cyber Project Executive Director Lauren Zabierek, former Defense Attache to Russia BG (ret) Kevin Ryan, and former  CIA Chief of Counterterrorism Robert Dannenberg will brief the audience on the key insights and takeaways from the discussion. 

The briefing  will take place on Wednesday October 30th from 11:45am-1:00pm in CyberHQ (One Brattle 470). Lunch will be provided. 

2019 American Elbe Dialogue Participants:
Paul Kolbe, Retired CIA, Director of the Intelligence Project, Belfer Center
Robert Dannenberg, Retired CIA, former Head Security Goldman Sachs
Lauren Zabierek, Executive Director Cyber Project, Belfer Center
Brigadier General Kevin Ryan USA (ret), Former Defense Attaché to Moscow

2019 Russian Elbe Dialouge Participants:
Gen-Col Boris Miroshnikov, Former Ministry of Internal Affairs, Former FSB
Vladimir Budzko, Deputy Director, Institute Of Information Problems
Andrei Chakheev, Director of Information Security Sberbank International Operations
Victor Kulikov, Executive Director Russian Elbe Group

The purpose of the “Elbe Group” is to maintain an open and continuous channel of communication on sensitive issues of US-Russian relations.