You are invited to attend a special Cybersecurity Coalition Panel with leading figures in the industry. Moderated by Michael Sulmeyer (Director, Cyber Security Project) and with lead discussant Jim Waldo (Chief Technology Officer, Harvard), panelists include Ari Schwartz (Former Special Assistant to President Obama for Cybersecurity Policy), Jenny Menna (US Bank's Vice President and Cybersecurity Partnership Executive), Jeff Greene (Director, NAM Government Affairs and Senior Policy Counsel, Symantec), Jen Ellis (Vice President of Community and Public Affairs, Rapid7), and Christian Hamer (Chief Information Security Officer, Harvard).

President Obama recently released a new Cybersecurity National Action Plan that would provide more money for the government to protect critical infrastructure, but at the same time makes clear that the government needs the private sector to voluntarily increase its capacity to protect its own assets. A new coalition, the Coalition for Cybersecurity Policy and Law, has formed to help cybersecurity companies build the marketplace and to help policymakers understand the marketplace.

The panelists will dicuss their perspectives on the threats they face; the government's role and credibility in industry; how they interpret defense and deterrence; and the role of industry compared to that of government.