0930-1000   Continental Breakfast

1000-1005    Welcome remarks: Paul Kolbe, Director, Intelligence Project

1005-1025    Keynote: The Hon. Jim Clapper (joining us via Zoom), Senior Fellow, Intelligence Project

1025-1045    Setting the Scene: Dr. Paula Briscoe, Recanati-Kaplan Fellow, Intelligence Project

1045-1200    Panel – National Security and Intelligence Reform from 1947 to Present
This panel will discuss key changes in the last 75 years to intelligence and national security structures, requirements, authorities, and enduring strengths and challenges.  
Moderator: Dr. Michael Miner
Panelists: Dr. Michael Warner, U.S. Cyber Command (Zoom); Dr. James Wirtz, Naval Postgraduate School (in person); Dr. Sara Castro, U.S. Air Force Academy (in person)

1200-1300    Lunch Provided (In-Person Attendees)

1300-1400    Panel – Reimagining the 1947 National Security Act for the 21st Century
Winners will present their ideas and discuss the major challenges and key proposals.
Moderator: Dr. Graham Allison
Panelists: Essay Competition Winners:
First place: Russ Travers, former Acting Director of the National Counterterrorism Center and former White House Deputy Homeland Security Advisor
Second place: Sophie Faaborg-Anderson, MPP Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School / MITRE Corporation’s National Security Engineering Center
Third place: Marie Couture and Laurie LaPorte, National Security Experts

1400-1500    Panel – Priority Challenges for US Intelligence and National Security
This panel will explore ways to address current constraints and will consider legislative measures to improve intelligence capabilities, and national security.
Moderator: Ellen McCarthy, former Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (in person)
Panelists: The Hon. Sue Gordon, Intelligence Project Senior Fellow (via Zoom); the Hon. Jim Clapper, Intelligence Project Senior Fellow (via Zoom)

1500 Adjournment of Conference

1530-1630 Informal roundtable discussion for students