William Rosenberg’s career spans 14 years as corporate lawyer and energy and environmental consultant, 11 years as real estate developer and venture capitalist, and 13 years of public service. Under two Governors and two Presidents. he served as CEO of two housing and broadband access development and finance authorities and led three energy, utility, and environmental regulatory programs.  He is currently a 
Research Fellow with the Energy Technology Innovation Project and the Center for Business and Government at KSG.

Jennie Stephens is a Research Fellow with the Energy Technology Innovation Project (ETIP).  Her current research focuses on various aspects of carbon sequestration including assessing carbon sequestration R&D, both public and private, and identifying critical limitations in implementation of associated technology.  Prior to joining ETIP, she conducted post-doctoral research associated with Carnegie Mellon focusing on chemical approaches to carbon storage and at the Kennedy School focusing on the strategic use of scientific and technical information in government-industry interactions during the development and implementation of environmental regulations.  One research focus has been understanding and minimizing industrial resistance to development and implementation of environmentally beneficial technical changes. 

This event is part of the Energy Technology Innovation Project Speaker Series and the Science, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity seminar, jointly sponsored by BCSIA’s Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program and CID’s Science, Environment, and Development Program. All events are open to the public.