Iran was among the first group of countries to join the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the late 1950s. Iran was also among the first parties to join the NPT. Iran has had a unique experience with IAEA verification, after the Islamic Revolution, specifically after the nuclear crisis started in 2003. In this MTA Seminar, H.E. Ambassador Ali Ashgar Soltanieh will offer a critical analysis of past challenges as well as suggestions for the future application of IAEA safeguards in Iran and around the world.

During the last thirty five years, Amb. Soltanieh has been involved in scientific and diplomatic activities, as a nuclear physicist and senior diplomat. He has been involved in issues of WMD non-proliferation and disarmament, international security, including all together 12 years as Ambassador and representative to the IAEA since 1982, three years as Secretary of National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention, and three years as Chief Negotiator for Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva until 2002. He has followed the issue of Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Middle East as well as nuclear safety, nuclear security, and safeguards for the last three decades. He has participated, in the capacity of special envoy, delegate, chief negotiator, and invited speaker, in numerous (over 180) international events on nuclear science & technology as well as WMD disarmament and international security all over the world. He has also taught (and continues to teach) at several universities inside and outside of Iran.