The Recanati-Kaplan Foundation Fellows Program at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs educates the next generation of thought leaders in national and international intelligence and supports their research to develop policy-relevant knowledge for the most pressing security issues.

Fellow candidates are from the senior or emerging leader ranks of their organization, including officials from both the analytical and operational fields, who will be required to help form policy responses in crises situations. Candidates should have at least a university degree, be fluent in English and, should be moving into, or already in, a leadership position within their organization.

The fellowship is a one-year research program, from September to June, and does not result in a degree. Fellows audit courses at the Kennedy School and neighboring institutions, execute independent research projects, and benefit from the rich community of practitioners and scholars associated with Harvard University and the Belfer Center. Fellows enjoy special discussions with the high-level intelligence officials who visit Belfer Center throughout the year.

The fellowship is made possible by the generous support of the Recanati-Kaplan Foundation.

How to Apply

Recommendations for fellowship participants must come from agency heads and not individuals, and should be submitted to the Intelligence Project in the spring preceding the desired year of study.