Alexandre Strapasson is a Belfer Center Fellow in Agriculture and Energy Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, working on the agriculture-energy-water nexus and sustainable bioenergy futures. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London and a Visiting Lecturer at IFP School in Paris. He is originally from Brazil and has been working on energy and environmental science for many years, including as principal investigator and international consultant. Prior to these experiences, Alexandre was Director and Head of Department of Bioenergy (and Deputy Secretary) at the Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture. He was also UNDP Consultant for energy and climate change at the Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment, participating in the UNFCCC negotiations. He is an Agricultural Engineer, holding an M.S. in Energy from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), and a Ph.D. in Energy and Environment from Imperial College London, with a Postdoc in Sustainability Science from Harvard University.

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