Calder Walton is a postdoctoral Ernest May Fellow in History and Policy at the Belfer Center's International Security Program. His research is broadly concerned with intelligence history, grand strategy, and international relations in the twentieth century—with a particular focus on policy-relevant historical lessons for governments and intelligence communities today.

Calder is currently collaborating to write a history of the British and American "special" intelligence relationship, from the Second World War to the War on Terror. This research builds on his first (award-winning) book, Empire of Secrets. British Intelligence, the Cold War and the Twilight of Empire (2013).

While pursuing a Ph.D. in History at Trinity College, Cambridge (UK), and then a Junior Research Fellowship also at Cambridge University, Calder was a lead researcher on Professor Christopher Andrew's unprecedented official history of the British Security Service (MI5), Defend the Realm (2009). This research position gave Calder extraordinary insights into British intelligence history.

As well as his research on intelligence history, Calder is also an English-qualified Barrister (attorney) and advises on, and practices in, dispute resolution. He has worked on high-value litigation and international arbitration, often involving government and defense issues, and also regulatory investigations. He currently practices as a mediator, helping clients resolve disputes (often with complex international dimensions) away from court.

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